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Forget subscriptions, long-term contracts, or inconspicuous fine print. Enjoy our flexible pricing and pay only what you actually use.

Your Money Is Worth More Here

Team up with expert marketers from renowned agencies at a fraction of the cost.

One-Stop Social Media Solution

Video, ad, or post. Facebook or Instagram. Use your credits how and when you see fit.

Double Safety Layer

Stripe secure payment & ironclad money-back guarantee makes groost 100% risk-free.

The More You Use The Less You Pay

Whether you need a one-off campaign or to streamline your social media regularly, you can trust groost’s flexible pricing model





100 credits

100 USD

Save 10%

250 credits

225 USD

Save 20%

500 credits

400 USD

Save 30%

1000 credits

700 USD

All payments are processed using Stripe - we will never ask for your Credit Card number.

On-Demand Services With Fair Prices

Easily create professional on-demand campaigns that will resonate with your audience for a fraction of the cost

Newsfeed / Profile Post

59 credits
  • Professional copywriting
  • Original graphic artwork

Static Ad

79 credits
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Professional copywriting
  • Original graphic artwork in 4 main formats

Carousel (up to 5 cards)

109 credits
  • Professional copywriting
  • Up to 5 eye-catching headlines
  • Up to 5 original graphic artworks

Animated Video

199 credits
  • Eye-catching headline
  • Creative script and lettering
  • Animated video up to 15 sec.

Always included in any of our campaigns

  • marketing strategy guidance
  • professional quality control
  • unlimited reviews
  • ironclad money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really get my money back if I ask for it?

All purchased credits will be 100% refunded if you are not satisfied with the work - it’s an ironclad guarantee we give to all groost clients, no matter the service or the time they’ve been working with us.

Let’s say you’ve been working with us for 3 months, launched 8 campaigns and when you asked for a new campaign, you didn’t like the outcome - you can either get a credit refund with bonus promotional credits for the time you’ve spent in the campaign or a full money refund.

How can I purchase credits?

Just pick your credit package and proceed to payment. All transactions go through Stripe, a global market leader in payment security. No one from groost will ask for your credit card number. Ever.

What if I don't use all my credits?

You can keep purchased credits indefinitely until you need to use them again. There is no expiration date. Keep tabs on your promotional credits, though - these may have an expiration date.

Why do you use a credit system?

For two reasons:

  1. It makes it easy for all our customers to understand our pricing, no matter their currency is; and
  2. It’s a fair and simple way to allow our customers to pay less the more they use groost, as we provide discount prices for bundle credit packages.
Will I be charged monthly?

No. You will only be charged when you buy credits and you can use them until you run out. Whether it takes a week or a year, it’s up to you.

How much do Facebook ads costs?

The total Facebook ads cost consists of two main parts:

  1. Creative – a winning ad campaign starts with amazing content. Creating the perfect image, a catchy headline, engaging captions, or a captivating video has a cost. With groost you can get amazing content for a fair, predictable price.
  2. Ad spend – this is how much you will need to pay Facebook to deliver content to your target audience and generate leads. Costs here will depend on your budget, goals, and strategy.

To illustrate, we have a success case where a customer hired groost to create a winning creative for their ad campaign, paying only $79 USD. Then, they spent thousands of dollars with ads so that Facebook could deliver the content to their target audience, and got an ROI (Return Over Investment) of about $8 USD in revenue for each dollar spent.

Our seasoned professionals are always ready to help you with strategy, creatives, and ad spend so you can get the best bang for your marketing buck.

Is there anything that can change the cost of a campaign?

Regarding our fees, after hiring your desired services the creative prices are fixed. This means no extra fees, ever.

The only thing that can affect overall costs is the ad spend that you pay for Facebook or Instagram, which will be 100% in your control.

What is a dark post?

It’s simply a post that is published only in the ads manager, and not in your newsfeed. It can’t be found organically on your page and doesn’t appear in your feed or timeline.

This means you can split test, make sure your page content is always relevant and engaging and not packed with ads. In a nutshell - your newsfeed is your shopping window, as all people passing by will see what’s in it (both clients and competitors) while the dark post is a commercial that will only be shown to a specific audience at a specific moment of your choice.

An example of how a dark post could be used is if you’d like to run an ad campaign giving a 50% discount for new clients. Imagine your current clients seeing that and not getting a discount themselves! It would be frustrating, wouldn’t it? Using a dark post allows you to run said ads only for new clients so that your current clients can’t see it anywhere in your timeline.

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