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With more than FOUR BILLION potential customers using the internet every day, your business won’t thrive without digital marketing. In fact, it won’t even survive. Groost is the best way to effectively grow your business in the 21st century.
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We help you find new customers - and connect with existing ones - without spending THOUSANDS on expensive agencies. Our mobile app is easy to use, needs no prior marketing experience and can be run completely independently.
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From finding leads to keeping customers happy, your online presence defines the success of your brand. But you already know that. That’s why you’ve been constantly struggling with over-complicated, over-priced ad campaigns.
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If only there was a way out. A way to boost your bottom line without paying extortionate fees and wasting hours of your valuable time. A way to take back control of your marketing budget without relying on the so-called experts.
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Well, now there is. Groost is the simple, effective tool to master your marketing - without the hassle. You don’t need special skills, massive budgets or even spare time. Just sign up and get started in a matter of minutes. It’s that simple!
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Our software is super simple and allows you to stay online without breaking the bank. The power is back in your hands. You’ll be able to create, monitor and evaluate campaigns from your smartphone or tablet - completely free of charge.
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10 minutes

This is so cool. It took me just 10 minutes to understand how to use the app.

Joanna, MN

More customers

Thanks to Groost I learned how to get more customers on the internet without spending eons in books and tutorials.

Anita, CA

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the budget

With the same marketing budget I am getting more customers for my business.

Fred, CA

No need for
an agency

Finally I feel my business is present on the internet without a need of an expensive marketing agency.

Andrew, VA
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That’s right. We think online advertising should be for every business. So you can get started with Groost for FREE. What takes an agency DAYS to achieve at $75/h can be done for nothing in just a few hours on our revolutionary platform.
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Find More Customers
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money and frustration
Stop depending on unbearable intermediaries who don’t give you the best ROI. Start taking control of your advertising to save yourself time, money and frustration. With Groost, you’ll be amazed how easy marketing can be…
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reliable outcomes
for non-marketers
Groost wouldn’t be around if our customers didn’t achieve great results by using our application. That’s why we focused on building an online marketing system that ANYONE can get the best out of - regardless of their experience.Our users have seen some incredible growth by working with us. And most of them had zero digital marketing knowledge! All they had to do was type the relevant information and watch the clicks roll in...
If you need an affordable, accessible software that solves all of your digital marketing problems, partner with Groost today!
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