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Already selling on Amazon? Get more people to discover your products and convert online shoppers into customers.  You can accomplish all that through highly targeted ads and from a single platform.
Discover the key features
1. Create highly effective search ads
Make sure your products are visible to people who are searching for them.
2. Display awesome and unique ads
Boost your brand awareness with customizable ads.
3. Gain ways to find your customers
Find your customers based on their interests or intent to buy.
4. Get reports straight to your phone
See the performance of your campaign wherever you are.
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We have helped more than 200 businesses run Amazon campaigns and grow their business. Now it's your turn.
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groost will help you
You can become your own marketing star. The only thing you need is the right tool. With groost, you can run ads on Amazon, Google, Instagram and other major platforms and, thus, reach new customers.

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