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Meet groost: the one-stop social media marketing streamlining platform for small businesses on a budget
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Templates, Schmemplates

100% original content always: say goodbye to cookie-cutter, spammy templates!

Affordable & Risk-Free

Pay only what you use. Stop at any time. Unlimited reviews. Not happy? Get a full refund.

Simple & Intuitive

From briefing to publishing, our easy-to-use platform will guide you step by step effortlessly.

The Best Bang For Your Marketing Buck. Guaranteed.

We’ve been there, done that: either with marketing agencies, in-house teams, or DIY platforms, the outcome for small & medium businesses is the same: too much spending, too little returns...

Agencies Are Too Expensive

Agencies will focus on their big clients while you’ll be left with scraps of attention, for a hefty price... and slim results.

In-house Teams Are Risky

Think twice before hiring. We’ve seen way too many businesses sink in debt because of high salaries.

DIY Is Just Too Overwhelming

You already wear enough hats... let us deal with copy, design, media buying, and strategy so you don’t need to.

Try groost For Free Instead

With our platform, even the busiest people can easily launch one or many professional social media campaigns with zero risks and guaranteed satisfaction.

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How It Works

Use groost to effortlessly turn the deep knowledge you already have about your business into professional marketing campaigns



Login into groost’s intuitive platform and answer a few questions.

10-15 minutes on your own time – no boring or time-consuming meetings required.



Then, we’ll create 100% original, professional, content for your campaign.

  • Delivery in 2 days or less
  • Unlimited reviews



Content approved? With one click you can schedule, publish, or promote on multiple social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest).



First, we will ask you questions that will help our creative team create successful content for your social media. You can answer the questions directly on our easy-to-use website. It won’t take more than 10 minutes.



When we have all the information, our skilled creative team (copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing strategists) will work together to create original content that you and your audience will love.



When you feel ready to show your awesome content to your audience, you can publish it or schedule it for later publication on Facebook or Instagram—with a single click. Ratings will help on your next campaign.

Pay Only What You Use

Create professional on-demand campaigns that will resonate with your audience for a fraction of the cost.

Newsfeed / Profile Post

  • Professional copywriting
  • Original graphic artwork

59 credits

Buy credits

Static Ad

  • Eye-catching headline
  • Professional copywriting
  • Original graphic artwork in 4 main formats

79 credits

Buy credits

Carousel (up to 5 cards)

  • Professional copywriting
  • Up to 5 eye-catching headlines
  • Up to 5 original graphic artworks

109 credits

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Animated Video

  • Eye-catching headline
  • Creative script and lettering
  • Animated video up to 15 sec.

199 credits

Buy credits

Purchased credits will never expire. The more you use groost, the more you save: get 1 credit for as low as U$0.70.

All groost Campaigns Include

Success Manager

Get a dedicated marketing strategist who cares about your business and will help you launch amazing campaigns.

Unlimited Revisions

Ask as many reviews as you want. The more reviews you ask, the better we get to know your brand.

Professional Quality Control

Our exclusive quality control and proofreading process will ensure your brand grows stronger with each campaign.

Brand Consistency

Choose your font, your color palette, your tone of voice, and much more to build intimacy with your audience.

Content Brainstorm

Out of ideas? No sweat - just ask for help and we’ll give you plenty of inspiration for your next campaigns.

Ironclad Money-Back Guarantee

Stop at any time. No contracts. No obligations. Not satisfied? Get your money back.

We want you to stay with groost because you love it - not because you’re tied to a contract.

Digital Marketing For Smart Business Owners

Unprofessional marketing can cost you much more than time and money - it can cost your reputation. Use groost to grow your business, build trust with your audience, and protect your brand.

It’s Professional

  • Original content, always
  • Constant optimization
  • Vetted professionals only
  • The more you use groost, the better it gets

It’s a Breeze

  • Simple and intuitive
  • No boring meetings
  • 100% done-for-you
  • 1-click publishing, scheduling, and launching

It’s 100% Safe

  • No hidden fees or costs
  • Stop at any time
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Have total control over what’s published & when

Frequently Asked Questions

How is groost different from a marketing agency?

Most marketing agencies have a big overhead cost, and guess who has to pay for that? That’s right, you. Thus, they need you to sign a binding contract to make sure it will be worth hiring enough people to take care of your demands.

Not to mention they will focus on their big accounts, leaving you with scraps of attention with a hefty bill and slim results.

On the other hand, groost has been designed with the main goal of delivering success to its customers at an affordable rate. We have an efficient, lean structure to keep our prices competitive, and we treat all our clients as key accounts - no matter how much they spend, quality will always be delivered and they will always have full attention.

We believe small and medium-sized companies also deserve quality, affordable marketing - that’s why we took a different path from agencies:

  • Instead of sleazy sales representatives or account managers whose only objectives are making you spend more, we have seasoned success managers who focus on helping you get the best bang for your marketing buck.
  • Instead of an expensive office, we’re fully remote to help keep our prices competitive
  • Instead of employees, we nurture a community of seasoned, world-class professional partners who deliver outstanding work for a fraction of the cost a hired employee would have.
How many people will work on my campaign?

There will be at least four talented professionals working on each campaign, to deliver the best content you could wish for.

  • Strategist - A seasoned professional who will help you choose the best type of content and campaign type
  • Copywriter - A creative and professional wordsmith with marketing expertise that will create engaging and highly converting texts and captions
  • Visual Creator - A talented professional graphic designer and/or video editor to create visually appealing, branded artwork
  • Media Buyer - A skilled professional who mastered Facebook and Instagram and will get your content delivered to the right audience for the best value

Depending on the type of content or campaign, there might be other professionals - but that won’t affect the prices which will be the same regardless of how many people are involved.

Do I need to know about marketing to use groost?

Since we have seasoned marketing strategists, you don’t need to know anything about marketing to get started - our platform will get you by the hand and effortlessly guide you from briefing to publishing.

Our goal is to use our marketing expertise to help you leverage the deep knowledge you already have about your business.

Which Social Medias are included?

Right now, Groost offers content for Facebook and Instagram, with Pinterest in the near future pipeline. You can use your credit to hire campaigns for any social media, at any time.

Will I need to give you my social media passwords?

We will never ask you for any kind of password. To be honest, we won’t even ask for your credit card number! All you need to do is to share publishing permission on your social media - permission which you can easily withdraw at any given time, and without even asking us (if you need, we will provide you a tutorial on how to give/withdraw permissions)

Can I use groost to create ads?

Ads are both our expertise and our bread-and-butter: not only we will help with content creation, but also with strategy and optimization, and especially with media buying as we know how overwhelming the Business Ads Manager can be if you’re not used to it.

How to run Facebook ads using groost?

It’s simple - all you need to do is start your campaign with a brief and we’ll take care of everything else. The first time you use groost to run a Facebook Ads campaign, you will need to share some permissions. We’re always happy to help you with anything!

Can I use groost to post on my feed?

Of course! We have capable content creators who will create engaging posts for Facebook feed, first-class Instagram carousel posts, or even grids.

How long does it take to create a campaign using groost?

The first campaigns will take about 2-3 days from briefing to publishing, and the more you use groost, the faster it gets as our teams get to know your brand/business better with each round of review.

Using groost consistently will also enable our software to suggest the best options based on historical performance, data, and social media algorithm updates.

Will I need to write or design my own posts?

All content you hire in our platform is 100% done-for-you, but of course, we encourage collaboration as we’re sure your knowledge about your own business is invaluable and should be leveraged. Our goal is to take care of all things social media so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.

Why do you provide unlimited reviews?

Because your success is our number 1º goal, and we understand that the more reviews you ask, the better we can understand your business and your brand.

Every iteration is stored in our database, too. This means that the more you use groost the more efficient it gets as our platform will be able to suggest and propose content and strategies based on previous campaigns and iterations.

Do you create Facebook cover design?

Yes, we can create an amazing Facebook cover design - all you need to do is to start a Newsfeed/Profile post in our platform and mention in your briefing that you want a Facebook Cover, and we’re good to go.

How to create the best Facebook post design?

By having deep knowledge about your audience and your industry, an amazing offer and wrap it with professional copywriting and eye-catching visuals. You can try and do everything by yourself, but it might take hours - try groost instead and get the best Facebook posts and ads effortlessly.

How to run Instagram ads using groost?

It’s simple - all you need to do is start your campaign with a brief and we’ll take care of everything else. The first time you use groost to run an Instagram Ad campaign, you will need to share some permissions. We’re always happy to help you with anything!

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